It's time to *build* a LIFE you wake up to CONSISTENTLY eager and ready to conquer DESPITE the late nights or early mornings.

In 90 days or less, mama! This could be YOU.

The Kickstart Balance (KSB) 1 on 1 Mentorship Program is for working moms feeling completely depleted and unhappy with the way her life is going as busy career mom

[who knows something needs to CHANGE]!


"Even though what I might have to do that day will almost certainly be difficult and at times painful, the passion of why I do it outshines any of that darkness."

Darren Hardy

Okay, let's first make sure you are truly in the right place! I know your TIME is valuable but I also know you are here for a reason.

So, tell me are you...

  • Constantly feeling drained and defeated to the point that it is taking over your whole day's energy?
  • Catching yourself talking negatively [almost all the time] about your experience as a working mom?
  • Hearing people talk about self-care but when the heck will you have time for that?
  • Having a hard time keeping up with all your responsibilities and feeling like you just can't catch a breath?
  • Struggling to get out of bed and do everything on repeat? AKA if you are not already burnt out, then it's only a matter of time now.
  • Feeling alone in your feelings and isolated 90% of the time, despite how many people may or may not say that they are there for you?

PS. the fact that you are here means you are acknowledging it and that is step #1. Be proud of yourself!

You are in the right place; I promise you it does NOT need to be this way!


What you need is a clear process that is designed for a working mom with kid(s) who is ready to feel real pleasure with all the things in her life, on her terms.

Someone who is ready to embrace change so she can be her best self for her family, friends and most importantly HERSELF.

In the past 7 years, I have mentored over 100+ young adults in finding their unique pathway in life, to grow and learn the right systems so they can live a life authentic to who they are and what they believe in.

I've realized that for working moms, we need this same type of support, encouragement and reminder. We often stray away from our authentic way of living because we prescribe to what we believe we SHOULD be doing.

Through my SPS 3 Step Framework, I peel back the intentional and realistic layers to true balance! This includes establishing self-care practices (3 types), productivity habit building and honing in on your support system. In the program, we will identify your strengths, weaknesses and therefore, primary areas to focus so you can gain better balance.

Additionally, I will tailor my entire approach (and resources) specific to you and your definition of balance (which don't worry, we will hash out).

I'll help you create a stronger mindset, better time management systems, reminder of who is in your corner, and your authentic and real belief in yourself as a working mom.


So why have ME as your mentor?

I am fully dedicated to YOU and your transformation as a working mom. Being in your same exact shoes not too long ago, brings me an insight that others just won't have or understand.

In 2021, I returned to work after 3 months of maternity leave with my first child. I thought I had it all figured out - but boy was I WRONG.

Our setup: my son would go to work with me for half the day and his dad would pick him up mid-day when he got out of work. I was super appreciative and grateful for my job's flexibility.

However, I started to truly HATE the journey of motherhood as a working parent, something I thought I'd never say. I had all these high expectations placed on me (and some I placed on myself) but could not live up to.

One spring morning (while pregnant with my second child), I found myself with my crying boy, a sink full of dishes and a list of to dos for when I got into the office. In that moment, I started to cry uncontrollably and knew it was time for a change!

I was overworked, off balance and so dang exhausted trying to "do it all."

In the following months, I began doing self-development practices that transformed my life (journaling, reading, going for walks). These were huge mindset shifts.

Now add that to my productivity skills gained working with young adults for over 7 years now in education and in leadership as both mentor and instructor.

Both these combined created a much smoother, clearer and fulfilled path for myself.

So, what did I discover…

BALANCE IS SELF-DEFINED and there is a method to the madness.

Since then, I had my baby girl, returned back to work (without my kids), established clear expectations and routines, show me love first, and AUTHENITICALLY smile with joy and true balance, ON MY TERMS.

My kids (2)

" Nelly has helped me feel more cared for. She has always made sure my head was always in the right spot and that my goals where set and stone because she could see how much I was capable of. The love she has to give is so pure and her heart is so kind, she’s has brought so much light into dark rooms, and I can’t thank her enough."

- Luisiana Valdez

Ready to go on a transformative journey?

Think of future you 3 months from now...

  • she is ready to conquer the day despite the crazy night or morning you are having.
  • she is speaking and feeling way more positively about your experience as a working mom.
  • she has people approaching her wondering how she can be so bright and positive given everything she has going on.
  • she is having dedicated time carved out for just the kids without feeling like it is not enough.
  • she is making time for self-care EVERY single day and loving it.
  • she is having a super clear purpose for her life as a working mom and finally knows what that means to HER at this stage in her journey.

The kickstart balance 1:1 mentorship program is limited to 5 students per season!

It's exclusive, it's an investment in yourself, and it will transform your life over the course of 3 months!




  • We’ll kick off our mentoring with a 1-hour session to understand where you’re at right now, what your struggles are, and what your vision is for your journey as a working mom. We will get clear on your goals for the next 3 months and then create a plan specific to you. You will leave this call truly blown away with what you will exactly need and how to get there - which can take YEARS for someone to figure out. (VALUE: $497)


  • After our initial session, we will begin our mentorship sessions. Each video or phone call will be focused on specific strategies you need to take to move forward. You’ll walk away knowing exactly what you need to be working on to move closer towards your goals. Each session is tailored to you and what is happening in your life. (VALUE: $2,997)


  • Yes, you will! You will have access to me whenever you need it. We will use WhatsApp where you can send me a voice message and/or texts. You could expect a response between 24 hours. (VALUE: $2,997)


  • I created a video break down of everything we will cover! There you will not only find videos, but guides and extended resources and templates. You will get unlimited access to this course! And you will also have access to any additional course content I create during our 3-month mentorship time together. (VALUE: $497)

Kickstart Balance Mentorship Program Cost:

VALUE: $6,988

Option #1 - Pay in full: $2,497

Option #2 -Payment Plan: $997/ monthly for 3 months

Note: If you have any questions or concerns prior to applying, you can text me at: 603-606-0015, and I will get back to you within 24 hours.

If you made it this far...

Then you're serious about creating a life on your terms! The working mom journey is tough, but it is SO stinkin' beautiful. Let's get to that beautiful.

But I want to be 100% clear...I'm looking for the focused, driven, ready for change kind of mom that knows there is a life where constant exhaustion should not and will not be the norm.

And truthfully, if you are not willing to show up FULLY and put in the work, then we aren’t a good fit to work together. 

I’m only interested in working with working moms who are ready to take action, be open to new systems, and who are willing to manifest a life of joy.

Yes, we will do a lot of work [internally and externally] but it will be a beautiful, FUN 3 months of growth.